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Natural Resource Governance around the World

Consider the needs of future generations. Good management of the commons

What is at stake with this resource

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Natural resources, whether living (soils, forests, fisheries, genetic biodiversity, etc.) or inert (minerals, fossil fuels, etc.), cannot be regarded as mere commodities. Either because they are of limited quantity, or because their division leads to their destruction, they are characterised as the commons. They should be managed taking into account not only the current inhabitants of the planet, but also the generations to come.

Recent decades have been characterized by an acceleration of the privatisation of these commons for the benefit of a few. These processes, for various reasons, endanger humanity as a whole. There must therefore be found, both in legal and economic terms, ways of articulating individual and collective interests.

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Establish legal systems to manage both individual and collective rights

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Fight against the privatisation of commons


Key papers