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Natural Resource Governance around the World

Develop participation in national and local decision making

What is at stake with this resource

The difficult decisions concerning our common future cannot be made and implemented without the greater participation of all, both men and women. This challenge can be summarised as follows: more democracy, and better democratic mechanisms.

Against Land Grabbing. Via Campesina and CNOP. Mali. 2011 © M.Merlet

The food sovereignty project expresses this idea in connection with the right to food and in relation to a given territory. However, residents’ involvement in their territorial management, at different scales, goes beyond: they must also be able to implement appropriate policies; to decide on the interest of any investment for society as a whole; to regulate, if necessary, the market; and to intervene in conflict management.

The implementation of new participation-of-all modalities requires changes in societal power relations, which will not materialise without strong social organisations and movements.

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Assess the economic, social and ecological investment interest

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